Cardwell Primary School

Cardwell Primary School

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Autumn 1

In our Stone Age history topic we gathered facts and expanded our vocabulary, in order to help us to construct a Stone Age survival guide.

In Maths we helped Ogg the caveman add 100s, 10s and 1s to his pile of rocks, to build new 3 digit numbers. We also built upon our Place Value knowledge, to add 2 and 3-digit numbers. 

In RE we learnt why cows are sacred animals to Hindus. We also created some symmetrical Rangoli patterns in Art, which extended our learning in RE about Hinduism. 

In Science we explored the formation of the three different types of rocks and linked it with History looking at their chronology using a historical timeline. We also used our investigation skills to answer the question: 'Does the hardness of a rock affect its capacity to erode?' by testing the hardness of various rocks using sandpaper. 

Autumn 2

In English, we explored the features of traditional tales and examined how stories could be extended, reimagined and elaborated. We used our performance skills to retell the story of The Frog Prince, thinking about tone, volume, pitch and intonation. We developed alternative endings to 'The Frog Prince Continued' and placed our own characters into our own stories, in an effort to help - or hinder - the Frog Prince. We empathised with how the main characters felt in the The Frog Prince and Ice Palace and developed our emotive vocabulary banks in order to write Agony Aunt letters to the Fairy Godmother.

Whilst practising our multiplication tables in Maths, we applied our knowledge of associated division facts to create fact families. We learnt how to find, order and compare unit fractions and found fractions of shapes and amounts. We drew and described 2D and 3D shapes along with learning how to find places on a map using a key and how to read 4 figure grid references. We also compared and measured various items in mm, cm and m and used this understanding to solve problems.

In Science, we investigated how different forces act on the objects around us, before organising them into a pushing or pulling force. We also learnt that magnets have a North and a South pole and used this understanding to create our own magnetic games.

In Geography, we used our knowledge of the compass points to help locate different places around the world, in relation to the UK. We learned how to use maps and loved exploring Google Earth.  Following this we then planned and carried out our own route to Maryon Park and identified the physical and human features in the environment. We then sequenced the photos we took on our walk to Maryon Park and used them to create our own symbols and map of the local area.