Cardwell Primary School

Cardwell Primary School

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Children are surrounded by technology and we believe it is vital they recognise the importance it has in their lives from an early stage.

At Cardwell, technology is used across all the areas of school life and we give children the chance to use and explore a variety of technology and tools. This could be anything from listening to recorded stories, drawing images on an interactive whiteboard, recording sounds or creating their own computer games -  the possibilities are endless.

Children at Cardwell experience a broad and balanced computing curriculum that is based on the expectations of the new Computing programme of study that was introduced in September 2014.  It allows staff the flexibility to plan and teach computing in purposeful contexts across different topics, subjects and lessons.   There are three strands to our Computing curriculum, which are developed and built upon as the children progress through the school:

  • The computer science element of our computing curriculum focuses on programming and networks through outcomes such as creating animations, interactive games and blogs.
  • The information technology element includes a wide variety of outcomes including creating images, animations, recording audio, filming, presenting ideas, quizzes, a variety of graphs and designing 3D models.
  • The digital literacy element includes teaching children to be safe, responsible and respectful when using technology and the internet to learn and collaborate.

The curriculum is divided equally between the computer science element and the information technology element with digital literacy weaved throughout. In addition to this, every half term starts off with a discrete internet safety lesson in each phase, ensuring that there is clear progression of digital literacy as children move up through the school and that using technology safely and respectfully has a continuously high profile within the children's lives.

It is our ultimate aim that by the time the children leave us at Cardwell, they are competent and confident users of a variety of technology, who are aware of a range of tools and can make informed decisions about which to use for a given task.

All of our classrooms are fully equipped with interactive whiteboards to support teaching and learning and the school has a bank of networked laptops for all classes to use as well as a dedicated Computing Suite.