Cardwell Primary School

Cardwell Primary School

Mutual respect, resilience, responsibility, tolerance and perseverance

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We use the Greenwich Agreed Syllabus to teach Religious Education. It is appropriate for children in our school as it takes into account the six main faiths which very much reflect our diverse school community and our local area.

We aim to foster a knowledge and understanding of the diverse religions which make up our worldwide community and also to understand and respect the position of people who do not hold religious beliefs.

Religious Education is taught through a variety of approaches such as topics, themes, assemblies, stories, visiting places of worship and visits from members of different religious communities. We believe that one of the best ways to learn about people is to share our thoughts and ideas. We hope to encourage children to develop open minds with a caring and tolerant view of the beliefs of others.

Children have ‘Thinking Time’ during daily assemblies and discussions and considerations of our shared whole school values as well as multi-faith celebrations, also take place at these times.

If parents and carers wish to withdraw their children from assemblies or R.E, they should discuss this with the head teacher and put their request in writing. Should parents and carers wish to withdraw their children from school to celebrate religious festivals, they should inform the Head teacher or the Attendance Officer in writing.