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PE lessons

PE Kit for all children

All year                                                       Plus for winter

Plain grey/black shorts                                black/ grey jogging bottoms

White t-shirt                                                   black/ grey jogging top


Earrings will need to be removed before coming to school or by the child themselves before the PE session, but it will be their responsibility to look after them. If they cannot be removed they will need to be covered by micropore tape before they come to school.

Long hair should be tied back.

Swimming lessons

Swimming and water safety is an extremely important part of the PE curriculum and another way of helping children to lead healthy and active lives. 

Swimming lessons are led by trained swimming coaches and take place at the Waterfront Leisure Centre - a 15 minute walk from the school.

The children are taught the following:

  • To swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
  • To be able to use a range of strokes effectively - front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.
  • To perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

Swimming Provision 2018-2019
Autumn Term 2018 - Year 5

Spring Term 2019 - Year 4

Summer term 2019 - Year 3

We also provide intensive swimming sessions for children in Year 6 who have not yet met the National Curriculum requirements. 

Preparing your child for swimming lessons
Some children can become quite anxious about their swimming lessons, particularly if they are non-swimmers. If you feel that your child is worried, please let the class teacher know as soon as possible so they we can give the appropriate support. We recognise that some children may need time to develop their confidence in the water. Obviously, practice is very important therefore we are always grateful if parents and carers are able to take children swimming after school or at weekends to give them additional practice.

Each child will need:

  • A towel
  • Swimming trunks/shorts above the knee (Boys) or a one piece swimming costume (Girls)
  • Swimming hat if your child has long hair (this will need to be tied back)                                                                
  • A bag to put their clothes in while they swim

Earrings will need to be removed before coming to school or by the child themselves, but it will be their responsibility to look after them.

If there are any problems with your child having the correct swimwear please let your child’s class teacher know. Swimming hats can be provided.