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Sugar Smart

Cardwell School is proud to be one of the first Sugar Smart schools in Greenwich being invited to the Sugar Smart Greenwich Launch and being awarded with our certificate.

As a school we made a pledge to become Sugar Smart meaning that we would be finding ways to encourage others to have less sugar in their diet and promote this to our school community.

The pledge we made was:

  • To educate pupils and parents on what food is healthy and low in sugar and how to reduce their sugar intake by doing assemblies and workshops and having themed days.

  • To teach children where food comes from and get them to grow fruit and vegetables themselves by creating a school  allotment.

  • To teach parents and children how to eat healthily and cook foods with less sugar by running healthy eating workshops and producing a sugar smart recipe book including the recipes created.

  • To share how we are reducing sugar intake with other schools to encourage other children to reduce their sugar intake by doing fitness sessions and healthy food fairs, publicising our achievements on our twitter page.

Since making our pledge we have:


  • Been the first school in Greenwich to be awarded with the 'Food for Life Bronze award' for our healthy and climate friendly food culture.

  • Run a Sugar Smart Festival for our school community also inviting another school which was a very successful and well attended event. During the event we also worked alongside our school caterers (GS Plus) to show how we are making our school dinners more Sugar Smart.

  • Run parent/child cooking workshops


  • Had pupils and staff filmed by the 'Heart4More Foundation' cooking a recipe that was low in sugar and healthy for your heart.

We have also had a range of school dinner theme days with all recipes being low in sugar including:

  • Italian dinner day

  • Chinese New Year dinner day

  • Easter/Spring dinner day

  • African dinner day