Cardwell Primary School


Mutual Respect, Resilience,
Responsibility, Tolerance and Perseverance


Anti Bullying Policy

Recording Behaviour and High Expectations

All behaviours are rigorously recorded and ‘bullying type’ behaviours are monitored for repetition and trends.  All incidents are dealt with then a restorative approach is used.

Reporting Bullying

Each Key Stage has a “solve it box” that children can use where they can share a problem if something or someone is worrying them – this may then be discussed as part of circle time with the class or group or on a 1:1 basis depending on what the teacher feels is the best approach. Children can also use the box to tell teachers if they are worried about the behaviour of other children – victims or aggressors.

Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Each class has a 'Class friend' (Anti-bullying Ambassador) who provides advice and assistance to anyone feeling bullied or concerned about themselves or others.  Anti-bullying Ambassadors are trained and meet regularly with SLT members and know how to report concerns and support other children in reporting theirs. They wear highly visible dark blue bibs so they can be easily identified and they are signposted in assembly.

Anti-bullying week

In November each year we have a week where we focus on the theme of Anti-bullying. Children’s work and activities centre around this theme and we have a number of assemblies, events and workshops to reinforce the message. We also look at Cyber safety and how to keep safe in a digital age.

Useful websites

Anti-bullying Alliance

Kidscape Help With Bullying

Think You Know – Cyber Café